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2020/06/24 Newsletter Vol.30, No.1 published NEW !

2020/05/29 Closure of the library NEW !

2020/05/29 Reopening of Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum NEW !

2020/03/26 Extension of the period of temporary closure of Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2020/03/25 Changing of opening hours of the museum

2020/03/25 Request to all guest to prevent the spread of new coronavirus

2020/02/28 Newsletter Vol.29, No.4 published

2019/11/06 Newsletter Vol.29, No.3 published

2019/08/28 Newsletter Vol.29, No.2 published

2019/05/17 Newsletter Vol.29, No.1 published

2019/03/10 Newsletter Vol.28, No.4 published

2018/11/30 Newsletter Vol.28, No.3 published

2018/08/28 Newsletter Vol.28, No.2 published

2018/05/31 Newsletter Vol.28, No.1 published

2017/08/25 Temporary exhibition: "Lost Ballparks in Tokyo"

2017/08/16 Newsletter Vol.27, No.2 published

2017/05/26 Newsletter Vol.27, No.1 published

2017/02/10 Newsletter Vol.26, No.4 published

2017/02/08 Exhibition, World Baseball Classic

2016/11/23 Newsletter Vol.26, No.3 published

2016/11/06 Special exhibition: "Tetsuharu Kawakami"

2016/09/29 Exhibition: Japanese Baseball Posters in 2016

2016/08/20 Exhibition: "The History and Evolution of Baseball Gloves"

2016/08/14 Newsletter Vol.26, No.2 published

2016/06/14 Exhibition: "The 90 years history of the Meiji Jingu Stadium"

2016/05/03 Newsletter Vol.26, No.1 published

2016/02/27 Special Exhibition: "Early History of Japanese Professional Baseball"

2016/02/05 Marlins executives visit BHFM

2015/12/25 Exhibition: "News Photographs of Baseball 2015"

2015/11/14 Newsletter Vol.25, No.3 published

2015/10/27 Exhibition: Japanese Baseball Posters in 2015

2015/10/09 Special Exhibition: "Reminiscences of the Japan Series"

2015/08/21 Randy Johnson at Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame

2015/07/07 Dingo Tomodachi Tour Group visits Baseball Museum

2015/06/24 Special Exhibition in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the summer National High School Championship: "Japanese High School Baseball and Baseball Hall of Fame"

2015/06/22 Exhibition: "Intercity Baseball Championship"

2015/05/28 Anthony Seratelli visit Baseball Museum

2015/05/21 Exhibition: The exhibition of the All-Japan University Baseball Championship

2015/04/09 Ernesto Mejia visit Baseball Museum

2015/03/14 The first pitch by All Europe is now on exhibit!

2015/03/12 CPBL Commissioner visit Baseball Museum

2015/03/07 The All Euro visit Baseball Museum

2015/03/06 Newsletter Vol.24, No.4 published

2015/01/28 Exhibition: "Children's Play and Baseball"

2015/01/23 Three Hall of Famers for 2015 Elected

2014/11/21 Exhibition: Japanese Baseball Posters in 2014

2014/11/16 Jeremy Guthrie and Norihiro Akahoshi visit Baseball Museum

2014/11/09 Newsletter Vol.24, No.3 published

2014/10/13 Please note that the Museum is open from 13:00 on 14 Oct 2014 due to typhoon.

2014/09/12 Hideo Nomo visit Baseball Museum

2014/09/12 Michael Schmidt Visit Baseball Museum

2014/08/31 Exhibition: History of Japan-U.S. Baseball Games

2014/08/14 Newsletter Vol.24, No.2 published

2014/04/01 Mr.Nawier, President of Indonesian Baseball & Softball Federation and Mr.Flynn, CEO of Baseball New Zealand Visit Baseball Museum

2014/02/23 Special exhibition Commemorating Ichiro Suzukifs 4000 hit

2014/02/07 Newsletter Vol.23, No.4 published

2013/11/02 Newsletter Vol.23, No.3 published

2013/10/17 A Souvenir Photo presented to Mrs. Jackie Robinson

2013/10/03 Wladimir Balentien visit Baseball Museum

2013/09/04 Exhibition: Legendary Pitchers

2013/08/06 Newsletter Vol.23, No.2 published

2013/07/13 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team visit Baseball Museum

2013/06/29 Peter O'Malley visited Baseball Museum to open the Special Exhibition: Baseball in Japan and the O'Malley Family

2013/06/19 Special Exhibition: Baseball in Japan and the OfMalley Family -A Lasting Friendship

2013/04/25 Newsletter Vol.23, No.1 published

2012/09/04 Madonna Japan won the 3rd consecutive title in the IBAF's 5th Women'sBaseball World Cup. Three Trophies are on display ~ Musts for Baseball Fans!

2012/09/04 Oncoming Exhibition, "Home Run !"

2012/03/10 IBAF President Fraccari Visits Baseball Museum

2012/03/10 2012 Hall of Famers Elected

2012/03/01 Events celebrating the opening of the 2012 Baseball Season

2011/11/08 Aojishiki, or Blue Lion Flag, now on display at Baseball Museum

2011/10/23 Exhibition: "Intercity Baseball Championship"

2011/08/15 Exhibition: The exhibition in celebration of the 60th All-Japan University Baseball Championship.

2011/02/15 Exhibition: Gloves used by Star Players

2011/01/20 2011 Hall of Famers Elected

2010/11/11 171 Hall of Famers on the PivotViewer

2010/11/09 Exhibition: "Children's Play and Baseball"

2010/08/29 Induction Ceremony for Masayuki Furuta

2010/08/15 Addition to the Current World Baseball Exhibition -- Memorabilia from 5th WUBC --

2010/07/24 Induction Ceremony for 2010 Hall of Famers

2010/06/27 2010 Summer Events at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2010/05/04 The Baseball Museum Greets 5,000,000th Visitor

2010/04/16 Events in the "Golden Week"

2010/04/09 Kuwata Talks on Baseball

2010/02/23 Two descendants visit Baseball Museum

2010/01/11 2010 Hall of Famers Elected

2009/11/13 Current schedule for dispalying 2009 WBC Trophy.

2009/10/09 Let's enjoy virtual batting with pro pitchers!

2009/10/06 October Schedule for displaying 2009 WBC Trophy

2009/09/29 Exhibition: 60th Anniversary of the 2-league Pro Baseball

2009/09/22 Induction Ceremony for Ichiro Kimijima

2009/08/09 Induction Ceremony for 2009 Hall of Famers

2009/08/09 Revised schedule for displaying 2009 WBC Trophy

2009/07/20 U.S. University team visits Baseball Museum

2009/07/20 Homecoming of former staff

2009/07/05 Hall of Fame News

2009/07/05 2009 Summer Events at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2009/07/05 Schedule (for July) of displaying 2009 WBC Trophy

2009/06/19 On display: A ball hit by Nakajima in the final game of 2009 WBC

2009/06/12 Today is the 50th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

2009/06/05 2009 WBC Trophy on display again

2009/05/22 "Olympic Baseball" Exhibition in Cooperstown

2009/05/08 Newsletter Vol.19, No.1 published

2009/04/03 2009 WBC Trophy and 25,000 Visitors

2009/03/13 Exhibition: Sadaharu Oh and his 50 years of Pro Baseball

2009/03/08 The Winning Ball from the game 4 of 2009 WBC is now on Display

2009/03/08 Executives from Korea Visit Baseball Museum

2009/03/08 A Guest from Canada

2009/03/05 Five Special Exhibitions commemorative of the 50th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2009/02/07 Newsletter Vol.18, No.4@published

2009/01/13 2009 Hall of Famers Elected

2008/11/24 Yomiuiri Giants' Rookies Visit Baseball Museum

2008/11/24 On display: Lottery Box used in NPB amateur draft

2008/11/24 Baseball Museum Revisited

2008/11/24 Fitts donated his new book on Wally Yonamine, 1994 Hall of Famer

2008/09/14 Induction Ceremony for Seiichi Shima, 2008 Hall of Famer

2008/09/14 MLB Urban Youth Academy All-Star Team Visits Japan's Baseball Museum

2008/08/17 Newsletter Vol.18, No2@published

2008/06/28 2008 Summer Events at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2008/06/27 Hall of Famer Nishimura's Daughter Visits the Baseball Museum

2008/05/23 IBAF Secretary General visits the Baseball Museum

2008/05/15 On Display: Daisuke Matsuzaka's uniform and other memorial artifacts

2008/05/07 Newsletter Vol.18, No1 published

2008/05/05 New Programs at the Baseball Theatre and TV Theatre at Visitors' Corner

2008/05/05 WBC Trophy on display again

2008/03/07 The programs on the 120-inch Baseball Theater have been changed.

2008/01/12 Press Conference for 2008 Hall of Famers

2008/01/11 2008 Hall of Famers Elected

2008/01/01 Induction Ceremony for the 2007 Hall of Famers

2007/11/02 Governor Baldacci pays homage to Horace Wilson

2007/05/30 Newsletter17-1 published

2007/03/22 Meister Tsubota demonstrates glove-making!

2007/01/25 Exhibition: Pro Baseball Posters

2007/01/14 Press Conference for 2007 Hall of Famers

2007/01/10 2007 Hall of Famers Elected

2006/07/25 Induction Ceremony for 2006 Baseball Hall of Famers

2006/06/20 Summer Events at Baseball Museum

2006/06/20 Special Exhibition: 2006 Hall of Famers

2006/05/09 Latest issue of Newsletter

2006/03/14 A History of Japanese Baseball

2006/01/10 Press Conference for 2006 Hall of Famers

2006/01/10 2006 Hall of Famers Elected

2005/07/26 Induction Ceremony for 2005 Baseball Hall of Famers

2005/07/12 Website renewal open

2005/07/11 Summer Events at Baseball Museum

2005/07/08 Exhibition: Records, Records, Records


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