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New Programs on the 120-inch Baseball Theatre
New Programs on the 120-inch Baseball Theatre and the 50-inch TV screen at the Visitors' Corner

With the renovation of the image transference system in April, 2008, our collections of baseball films on Japan Series, All-Star Games, and Asia Series (all in digested versions) have been shown at the above two venues under monthly programs.

A Films shown in February, 2009 at the 120-inch Baseball Theatre
1 The first All-Star Games, 1951 8.55 min.
10:10~10:19 12:25~12:34 14:40~14:49
2 The second All-Star Games, 1952 2.03 min.
10:20~10:22 12:35~12:37 14:50~14:52
3 The Japan Series, 1952 (The Giants vs the Hawks) 8.03 min.
10:25~10:31 12:40~12:46 14:55~15:01
4 The All-Star Games,1958 28.03 min.
10:35~11:03 12:50~13:18 15:05~15:33
5 The Japan Series, 1958 (The Lions vs the Giants) 4.36 min.
11:05~11:09 13:20~13:24 15:35~15.39
6 The Japan Series, 1960 (The Whales vs the Orions)27.37 min.
11:00~11:38 13:25~13:53 15:40~16:08
7 The Japan Series, 1964 (The Hawks vs the Tigers) 21:27 min.
11:40~12:01 13:55~14:16 16:10~16:31
8 The Japan Series, 1969 (The Giants vs The Braves) 14.39 min.
12:05~12:20 14:20~14:35 16:35~16:50

B Films shown in February, 2009 on the 50-inch TV screen at the Visitors' Corner
The 2008 Japan Series between the Seibu Lions and the Yomiuri Giants (50 min.) is being shown continually all day long.

Films in the ensuing months will feature the following programs.

March/1970s 1980s
April/ 1970s 1980s
May/ 1990s
June/ 1990s
July/ All-Star Games in retrospect
August/ 2000s
September/ 2000s
October/ The Japan Series in retrospect
November/ The same
December/ The same


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