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Aojishiki, or Blue Lion Flag, now on display at Baseball Museum
~Symbol of reconstruction after the East Japan Big Earthquake and Tsunami~

Aojishiki is a championship flag given to 14 regional champions qualified as the first rep of their region to enter the annual Inter-City Baseball Championship. In 2010 the first rep of Tohoku District was Nihon Paper Manufacuring Company at Ishinomaki. As they were entitled to keep the coveted flag for a year, they put it on display at their reception room so that many people could see it. But the big tsunami following the 3.11 earthquake, washed it away together with the building itself.
Happily it was miraculously found out in a heap of rubble in the removing work.
Though tattered and discolored, it was put on display as a symbol of reconstruction from the disaster at Kyocera Dome in Osaka while the ICBC was held there (October 22 through November 1, 2011).


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