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2009 WBC Trophy and 25,000 Visitors
The display of the 2009 WBC trophy at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was over on Wednesday, April 2, having attracted 25,405 visitors in 8 days. That means there was more than a fifth of the average annual attendance (about 120,000) in only 8 days.
Though the 2009 WBC trophy is missing, the visitors will continue to be privileged to see the following memorable artifacts from 2009 WBC.

The winning ball from the Championship game
Uniforms worn all the members of "Samurai" Japan headed by Manager Hara
Spikes won by Daisuke Matsuzaka, MVP
Shoes worn by Ichiro Suzuki
Bat used by Hiroyuki Nakajima

The 2009 WBC trophy is now on national tour, stopping at each franchise stadium under the following schedule.

3~ 5 Tokyo Dome
7~ 9 Seibu Dome
10~12 Yokohama Stadium
14~16 Chiba Marine Stadium
17~19 Meiji Jingu Stadium
21~23 Kyocera Dome
24~26 Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome
28~30 Mazda Stadium (Hiroshima)

2~ 4 Koshien Stadium
8~10 Sapporo Dome
12~14 Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
15~17 Nagoya Dome


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