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Bat used by Isao Harimoto (the Lotte Orions)
when he reached the 3,000th–hit mark (the first
in pro baseball in Japan) on May 28, 1980 in a
game against the Hankyu Braves.

Bat used by Ichiro Suzuki (the Seattle Mariners)
in the 2006 WBC. In a game against the Texas
Rangers on July 29, 2008, he marked the 3,000th
hit in NPB and MLB combined.

Exhibition: "Bats used by Star Players"
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 through Sunday, November 30, 2008
At Exhibition Hall of the Baseball Museum

To be displayed are bats used by American and Japanese star players, past and present, topped by Babe Ruth and Sadaharu Oh. It will be of much interest to compare their measurements. Also to be shown are bats used by Isao Harimoto, holder of most hits (career) in pro baseball in Japan, and Ichiro Suzuki, who is nearing his record


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