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Admission tickets for a game on March 7, 1992
between the All-Japan and the selected pro
players. Baseball became an official event in
the Barcelona Olympics and Japan was represented
by the All-Japan wholly consisted of amateur players.

Glove used by Hideo Nomo (Kintetsu Buffaloes).
He was the winningest pitchers for 4 successive years
(1990-93). In 1995, as the first Japanese ML player
since Masanori Murakami in 1965, he pitched for the
Los Angeles Dodgers and won the NL Rookie of the
year with 13 wins.

Uniform worn by Ichiro Suzuki (Orix BlueWave).
In 1994, he set the Japanese one-season record
with 210 hits, the first to hit 200 or more.
He won the batting title for 7 consecutive years
(1994-2000). He has played for the Seattle
Mariners since 2001.

Exhibition: Baseball in the 1990s
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 through Sunday, April 13, 2008
At Exhibition Room of the Baseball Museum

Baseball today is quite different from that in the 1990s. Who could have foreseen baseball as we see today? A university pitcher was rostered in the Japan Team which participated in the Asian preliminary for the Beijing Olympics. There are one or two Japanese Major Leaguers in as many as a third of 30 MLB clubs, where they play a prominent role.
In the oncoming exhibition, baseball in the 1990s will be reviewed with a special attention on (1) the domestic relationship between amateur and pro baseball and (2) their growing globalization.

The Japan Series in the 1990s are being shown under the following schedule.
They are shown alternately all day long.

March 4 (Tues.) ~ March 9 (Sun.)
March 31 (Mon.) ~ April 6 (Sun.)
1995 The Yakult Swallows vs The Orix BlueWave (0:56:40)
1996 The Orix BlueWave vs The Yomiuri Giants (0:50:25)
1997 The Yakult Swallows vs The Seibu Lions (0:40:15)

March 11 ( Tues.) ~ March 16 (Sun.)
April 8 (Tues.) ~ April 13 (Sun.)
1997 The Yakult Swallows vs The Seibu Lions (0:40:15)
1998 The Yokohama BayStars vs The Seibu Lions i0:54:10j
1999 The Fukuoka Daiei Hawks vs The Chunichi Dragons (42:55)

March 17 (Mon.) ~ March 23 (Sun.)
1990 The Seibu Lions vs The Yomiuri Giants (0:33:00)
1991 The Seibu Lions vs The Hiroshima Toyo Carp (0:51:03)
1992 The Seibu Lions vs The Yakult Swallows (0:40:55)

March 25 (Tues.) ~ March 30 (Sun.)
1993 The Yakult Swallows vs The Seibu Lions (0:51:10)
1994 The Yomiuri Giants vs The Seibu Lions (0:52:20)
1995 The Yakult Swallows vs The Orix BlueWave (0:56:40)


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