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The poster promotes games In October, 1937

These seats are remaining relics of Korakuen Stadium

The ball hit by Hideki Matsui disappeared into the
ceiling of Tokyo Dome on July 18, 2002.
It was decided as a double by the ground rule.

Exhibition: Korakuen Stadium and Tokyo Dome
Friday, September 7, 2007 through Sunday, November 11,2007
AT Exhibition Hall of the Baseball Museum

Korakuen Stadium, once a mecca of Japanese pro baseball fans, was opened on September 11, 1937 to be used for the present-day pro baseball which started in 1936. The stadium ceased to be used in 1987 and was completely rebuilt in 1988 in the adjacent site as the first domed stadium in Japan as Tokyo Dome.
To be on display in the coming exhibition are various materials and photos of early days, relics of facilities such as lockers and seats, and other exhibits which will help the visitors relive the 70 years of exciting games and events in the two ball parks.


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