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Autographed balls, 1937
(left) the West squad, Masaru Kageura
(right) the East squad, Eiji Sawamura
The duel between pitcher Sawamura and slugger
Kageura was the highlight of the day.

Admission ticket and badge, 1951

Promotion poster, 1988

Summer Special Exhibition: All-Star Games through 70 Years, 1937~2007
Tuesday, July 10 through Tuesday, September 4, 2007
At the Exhibition Room of the Baseball Museum

All-Star Games in the 1-league era (1936-49) were played in an "intra-squad" system; i.e., the East vs the West, the 8 teams being divided according to the location of their franchises. The first East – West competition was played in 1937, the players being selected by the Nippon Professional Baseball League. The 2-league system era (1950 to the present) has seen a heated rivalry between the Central and the Pacific Leagues since 1951. The players have been selected by fan balloting.
In the coming exhibition, the 70 years of the so-called Dream Game Festival are traced with photos of the annual CL and PL squads and all stars' memorable artifacts, and by showing historical scenes on the screen.


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