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The interior of the Baseball Hall of Fame
168 plaques are hung on the wall in chronological
order of the induction of the Hall of Famers.

The Induction Ceremony is held at one of
the two games of the annual All-Star Series.
The 2008 induction ceremony was held at
Yokohama Stadium.

The photo shows the 2008 Hall of Famers,
Koji Yamamoto (2nd from left) and
Tsuneo Horiuchi (2nd from right) flanked
by their guests, Sachio Kinugasa (extreme left)
and Masaichi Kaneda (extreme right).

Exhibition :"50 Years of History of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum"
The Baseball Hall of Fame was founded in 1959 to dedicate the baseball greats, Japanese or non-Japanese, who have contributed a great deal to the development of baseball, pro or amateur, in Japan.
To be introduced in the coming exhibition are (1) 168 Hall of Famers who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the past 50 years (2) changes of Rules of
Selection into the Hall of Fame and (3) photos of the annual Induction Ceremony.


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