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Baseball Hall of Fame was founded in 1959, exactly 20 years after the National Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown in the upstate of New York, to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of baseball in Japan.

Many precious data and artifacts are on display under such titles as “Professional Baseball Today,” “Star Players in the History of Baseball,” and “History of Professional Baseball.” They are featured by items concerning historic pro players and more than 100 artifacts used by representative pro players of the two leagues. The history of pro baseball since 1936 can be traced by various kinds of exhibits and statistical data.

It is represented by winning trophies, photographs and artifacts showing the history of Student (high schools and universities) Club, Rubber, Boys' and Girls' Baseball. On display now are uniforms of Samurai Japan (national team).

One theme here is to trace the origin and development of baseball in America, The other is the introduction of baseball to Japan and its development there. They are highlighted by a replicas of an early-day baseball game in America and artifacts used in the Meiji Era in Japan. Also shown are the records of U.S.-Japan Pro Baseball Competition since 1908.

The footages of All-Star games, the Japan Series and other memorable games are always shown on the 120-inch screen,

It is used for ad hoc exhibitions lasting for a limited period and other special exhibitions focusing on a particular topic on baseball.

In the new Event Hall, special emphasis has been put on participation and hands-on experience on the part of the visitors, young and old, irrespective of their age or gender.

The library boasts an unrivaled number (some 50,000 items) of books, magazines, and newspapers. They cover not only baseball but also sports in general. As the library is not of an open-shelf system, the librarians will produce items on written request.

This is the monument dedicated to the memory of those baseball players who were mobilized to the front during the Second World War and unfortunately never returned.It was erected in April 1981 just by the former building of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and relocated to the present site in March 1988 when the Museum moved to the present site within Tokyo Dome.

The unveiling ceremony of the monument (photo left) dedicated to the memory of non-pro baseball players who were killed in the Second World War was held on Monday, November 7, 2005, at the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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