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2010 Hall of Famers Elected
The Players Selection Committee elected Osamu Higashio out of 29 eligible candidates in the Players Division prepared by the Screening Committee. The Screening Committee also prepared 10 eligible candidates in the Experts Division, and the PSC elected Shin-ichi Etoh as a successful candidate. The Special Selection Committee elected one successful candidate, the late Masayuki Furuta, out of 10 eligible candidates prepared by the Screening Committee. The membership of the Baseball Hall of Fame is now 171, including 34 living Hall of Famers.
The Induction Ceremony for Osamu Higashio and the late Shin-ichi Etoh is scheduled to be held at the 1st game of the All-Star Series at Yahoo Stadium in Fukuoka on Friday, July 23, 2010.
The late Masayuki Furuta will be inducted during the Inter-City Baseball Championship which is to be held at Tokyo Dome in coming August, but the exact date has not been decided yet.

Born in Wakayama Prefecture on May 18, 1950.

On graduating from Minoshima High School in 1969, he joined the Nishitetsu Lions (Saitama Seibu Lions since 2008) as their first draft choice and pitched for the Lions* for 20 successive years until 1988. In his second season in 1970, he left a pretty good result of 11 wins and 18 losses, which earned him the ace of the Nishitetsu Lions.

His remarkable years were in 1983 when he won the MVP by pitching most wins (18) and best ERA (2.92) and in 1987 when he won the MVP again with a record of 15-9 and 2.59 ERA. He threw and hit right.

He was a consistent and formidable pitcher, as shown in his career record: 697 games, 251 wins, 247 losses, 4,086 innings pitched, 1,684 strikeouts, 3.50 ERA, best ERA once (1983), most wins twice (1975, 83), most strikeouts once (1975), MVP twice (1983, 87). He was also selected into Best Nine twice, won Golden Glove 5 times, entered ERA Best Ten 8 times and participated in the annual All-Star Series 10 times.
He managed the Seibu Lions for 7 seasons (1995-2001). His career record as manager: 937 G, 489 W, 425 L, 23 ties and .535 WA. He won the pennant in the Pacific League twice (1997, 1998).

*In his playing days, the Lions changed their name to Taiheiyo Club (1973-76), Crown Lighter (1977-78), and Seibu (1979-2007).

"ETOH, Shin-ichi"

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture on October 16, 1937 and died on February 28, 2008.

After graduating from Kumamoto Commercial High School and playing for a non-pro team, Nittetsu Futase, he joined the Chunichi Dragons in 1959 and played in all of the 130 games in his rookie season. He became the batting champion both in 1964 and 1965. In 1971, in his 2nd year with the Lotte Orions in the Pacific League, he won his third batting title, thus becoming the first player who won the batting title in both leagues.

His playing career as an outfielder spans 18 years with the Chunichi Dragons (1959-69), the Lotte Orions (1970-71), the Taiyo Whales (1972-74), the Taiheiyo Club Lions (1975, also manager), and the Lotte Orions (1976).
After retirement, he set up the Japan Baseball Academy at Yugashima in Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture) and gave instruction to amateur baseball players.

His career record as player: 2,084 G, 7,156 AB. 2,057 H, 367 HR, 1,189 RBI, .287 BA., batting champion 3 times (1964, 65, 71), best on-base percentage once (1971). He was selected into Best Nine 6 times, appeared in the annual All-Star Series 11 times, and entered batting Best Ten 9 times.

His career record as manager: 130 G, 58 W, 62 L, 10 ties, with .483 WA.

"FURUTA, Masayuki"

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture on September 30, 1933 and died on July 30, 1999.

As a second-baseman at Rikkyo University, he formed an invulnerable trio with third baseman Shigeo Nagashima and shortstop Kingo Motoyashiki.

On graduation, he joined the Kumagaigumi baseball club in 1956 and, with his clutch batting and splendid fielding, he would play an important role in nonprofessional baseball, particularly in the Inter-City Baseball Championship until 1968. In his 13 consecutive years of participation in the ICBC, either as player or manager, the Kumagaigumi won three championships, the first being in 1957. In that year, he was selected (as was in 1956) as a member of the All-Japan and contributed a great deal to its victory in the 3rd Global World Series of Baseball held in Detroit, which was the crown of his participation in the overseas baseball matches. After a brief retirement, he played for Kumagaigumi until 1980, participating in the ICBC three more times.

He continued to decline many offers from pro baseball and from 1977he devoted himself entirely to the development of amateur baseball, particularly ICBCI, by filling various important posts with Japan Shakaijin Baseball Association (now Japan Amaeur Baseball Associaiton).

He was awarded a distinguished service medal at the 50th anniversary of the JABA (1998), and again a special distinguished service medal at its 70th anniversary of ICBC (1999).


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