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Press Conference for 2008 Hall of Famers
Press conference was held at Baseball Hall of Fame from 15:00, on Friday,
January 11, 2008.
(from left) Beppu, Oh, Horiuchi, Koba, and Yamamoto

Opening speech by Yasuchika Negoro, Chairman of BHFM Yamamoto receives the certificate from Toyokukura, Executive Director

Horiuchi receives the certificate from Toyokura, Executive Director Beppu receives the certicicate on behalf of the late Shima from Koike, Executive Director

Yamamoto makes his acceptance speech Horiuchi makes his acceptance speech

Koba, 1999 Hall of Famer, gives his congratulatory speech for Yamamoto Oh, 1994 Hall of Famer, gives his congratulatory speech for Horiuchi

Beppu, Shima’s old acquaintance, speaks on Shima (front row ,from left) Yamamoto, Horiuchi,and Beppu
(back row ,from left) Koike, Negoro, and Toyokura

(front row ,from left) Yamamoto, Horiuchi, and Beppu
(back row, from left) Koba and Oh
Yamamoto (left) and Horiuchi (right) pay homage to Shima

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