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2008 Hall of Famers Elected
This was the first election held under the new Rules of Election which were revised in June, 2007.
The Players Selection Committee elected two successful candidates out of 30 eligible candidates in the Players Division prepared by the Screening Commiittee. The Screening Committee also prepared 10 eligible candidates in the Experts Division, but no candidates were successful.
The successful candidates were Koji Yamamoto and Tsuneo Horiuchi. The Special Selection Committee elected one successful candidate out of 10 eligible candidates prepared by the Screening Committee. The successful candidate was Seiichi Shima.
The membership of the Baseball Hall of Fame is now 164, including 35 living Hall of Famers.


Born in Hiroshima Prefecture on October 25, 1946.

Graduating from Hatsukaichi High School in 1965, he went on to Hosei University. He played for the Hosei Nine with Koichi Tabuchi and Masaru Tomita ~ the legendary trio who, under manager Reiichi Matsunaga, the 161st Hall of Famer, did much to build the heyday of the Hosei Nine.

Upon graduation, he joined the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in 1969 at the top of their draftees and gained a starting position as an outfielder. In 1975, he led the team to their first pennant in the Central League by hitting 30 home runs and batting .319, by which he became batting champion and won the coveted MVP award. It was about this time that he was nicknamed “Mr. Hiroshima, or Mr. Red Helmet.” After the retirement of home run king Oh, he was the leading slugger in the Central League, as was proved by his hitting more than 40 home runs for five consecutive years from 1977. Also, he stole 231 bases and won the Golden Glove award ten times (1972-81) ~ well worthy to be called an all-round player who can hit, run and field. He threw and batted right.

After retirement in 1986, he managed the Hiroshima Toyo Carp for ten years in all (1989-93, 2001-05), winning the pennant in the Central League in 1991.
His career record as player: 2,284 G, 8,052 AB, 2,339 H, 1,475 RBI, 536 HR, .290 BA, batting champion once (1975), most home runs 4 times (1978, 80-81, 83), most RBI 3 times (1979-81), best OBA 3 times (1979-80, 83), MVP 2 times (1975, 80). He was selected into the Best Nine Team 10 times ( 1975, 77-84, 86) and into All-Stars 14 times. He hit for the cycle once on April 30, 1983.

His career record as manager: 1,359 G, 649 W, 681 L, 29 ties and .488 PCT.

"HORIUCHI, Tsuneo"

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture on January 16, 1948.

His brilliant performance in his rookie year with the Yomiuri Giants in 1966 on graduating from Kofu Commercial High School was unprecedented. The Wonder Boy notched 13 consecutive wins from scratch and ended his first year with 16 wins, 2 losses (.889 PCT is still the best in the Central League) and 1.39 ERA (still the best in the C.L.). The fabulous feat won him not only the Rookie of the year but also Sawamura award. It was the 2nd year of the Giants’ V-9, nine consecutive wins in the Japan Series. His continued contribution to it was epitomized by his best year in 1972 when he notched 26 wins (the winningest in the C.L.) and won the MVP award and the second Sawamura award. Also, he won the best pitcher award again in 1974. After pitching for the Giants for 18 years, he coached the team for 8 years ( 1984-85, 93-98) and managed it for two years ( 2004-05). He threw and batted right.

His career record as player:560 G, 203 W, 139 L, 3,045 IP, 1,865 SO, and 3.27 ERA.

His notable feats include best PCT 3 times ( CL record. 1966-67, 72.), one no-hit, no-run game (October 10, 1967). He was selected into the Best Nine team 2 times ( 1972, 74), All-Stars 9 times, and won the Golden Glove award 7 times ( 1972-78). His career record as manager: 284 G, 133 W, 144 L, 7 ties and .480 PCT.

"SHIMA, Seiichi"

Born in Wakayama Prefecture on December 15, 1920. He was killed in the battle off the coast of Indochina on March 29, 1945 at the age of 24.

From the first year at Kaiso Middle School in 1935, his team qualified for the national tournament in Koshien Stadium. The five consecutive participations (the first in the summer of 1937) in the national tournament, during which Kaiso with Shima as its ace pitcher was defeated by then dominant Chukyo Commercial Middle School three times, culminated in the spectacular victory in the summer national tournament in 1939. With his fast and breaking balls, the southpaw shut out all of the 5 opposing teams for the whole 45 innings, allowing only 8 hits, fanning 57 batters and getting 66 infield outs, giving up only 12 flies to the outfield . As a batter, he batted fourth, and went 11-for 20, which helped, with his splendid pitching, lead his team to victory.

Moreover he attained a marvelous achievement by pitching a no-hit, no-run game in the semi-final and the final game in succession. Incidentally a no-hit, no-run pitching in the final was repeated by Daisuke Matsuzaka in 1998 after a long interval of 59 years.

Shima went on to Meiji University in 1940 and pitched for the Meiji Nine in the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, only to be drafted into the army in the last year of WW II.

He threw and batted left.


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