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Induction Ceremony for 2007 Baseball Hall of Famers
Induction Ceremony for 2007 was held at Tokyo Dome on Friday, July 20, 2007 preceding the first game of the All-Star Games.

(left to right) Ueda, Kaneda, Mrs. Kajimoto surrounding by her two grand-children, Shouto and Akari, Matsunaga,Tabuchi, and Yamamoto

Takao Kajimoto and Reiichi Matsunaga were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the ceremony held on the diamond surrounded by all of the members of the All-Stars standing on the foullines and also watched by congratulating spectors on the stands, the two Hall of Famers were awarded a replica of their plaque from Yasuchika Negoro, Chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. A bouquet presentation followed: from Masaichi Kaneda (1988 Hall of Famer) and Toshiharu Ueda (2003 Hall of Famer) to Mrs. Kajimoto and her two grand-children who represented the late Takao Kajimoto, and to Matsunaga from Koichi Tabuchi and Kouji Yamamoto, both of whom had been taught by him at Hosei University.

Before the ceremony The CL and PL All-Stars waiting on the foullines.

Mrs. Kajimoto and her two grandchildren Reiichi Matsunaga

Two Hall of Famers A replica presentation to Mrs. kajimoto

A replica presentation to Matsunaga A bouquet presentation to Matsunaga from his former students

Acceptance speech by Matsunaga


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