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Press Conference for 2007 Hall of Famers
Opening speech by Yasuchika Negoro, Chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Press conference at Baseball Hall of Fame

Kyoko Kajimoto,widow of the late Takao Kajimoto, receives the certificate from Hajime Toyokura, Managing Director of BHFM Reiichi Matsunaga receives the certificate from Tadao Koike, Managing Director of BHFM

Kyoko Kajimoto makes an acceptance speech Reiichi Matsunaga makes an acceptance speech

Masaichi Kaneda, 1988 Hall of Famer, speaks for Takao Kajimoto Masatake Yamanaka, managing director of Yokohama BayStars, speaks for Reiichi Matsunaga

New inductees with BHFM exectives New inductees with their guest speakers

New inductees with their memorable photos Matsunaga congratulated by Kaneda


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