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Induction Ceremony for 2005 Baseball Hall of Famers
On Friday, July 22, Choji Murata, Masaaki Mori and Masayori Shimura, were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the ceremony held in the infield of Invoice Seibu Dome when the bottom of the 5th inning of the first game of the All-Star game. More than 25,000 spectators watched the ceremony.

Induction Ceremony for 2005 Baseball Hall of Famers
At Invoice Seibu Dome
On Friday, July 22, at the end of the bottom of the 5th inning of the fist game of the All-Star game

Choji Murata, Masaaki Mori, and Masayori Shimura made their way to the ceremony around at the pitcher’s mound. The managers and the All-Stars of the Central and the Pacific League lined along their way and gave them a round of applause. The three plaques, which were to be permanently displayed in the Baseball Hall of Fame, were put on display there during the ceremony.
The ceremony began by presentation of the replica of the plaque to each of the inductees by Yasuchika Negoro, Chairman of Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It was followed by presentation of a bouquet from Kaneda, 89th Hall of Famer, to Murata, from Oh, 111st Hall of Famer, to Mori, and from Sekine, 146th Hall of Famer, to Shimura. On behalf of the inductees, Mori made a brief speech. “It is the greatest honor, happiness and pleasure for a baseball player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am especially delighted beyond words because this is the very stadium where I led the Seibu Lions to many victories in the Pacific League and in the Japan Series.”

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Murata, Mori and Shimura The ceremony begins in the midst of managers, All-Stars and spectators

Shimura responds to the cheers of the spectators Kaneda, Oh and Sekine, senior Hall of Famers, serve as presenters

Murata receives a replica from Negoro Mori receives a replica from Negoro

Shimura is congratulated by Negoro Inductees stand beside their plaque

Murata receives a bouquet from Kaneda Mori receives a plaque from Oh, his former teammate

Shimura receives a bouquet from Sekine, whose pitching since university days was vividly broadcast by him on radio and TV. Mori speaks on behalf of the inductees

Managers and All-Stars listen to Mori's speech Shimura is greeted by Sekine


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