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The Induction Ceremony for the 2004 Baseball Hall of Famers
The Induction ceremony for the 2004 Hall of Famers was held at Nagoya Dome on Saturday, July 10 when the bottom of the 5th inning was over in the first game of the 2004 Sanyo All-Star Game. It was attended by Mr.Akira Ohgi, the 150th Hall of Famer, and Mrs.Keiko Akiyama, widow of the late Noboru Akiyama, the 151st Hall of Famer.

Following the two senior Hall of Famers, Sachio Nishimoto and Junzo Sekine, they entered the ceremonial site on the diamond, followed by the two groups of players who had close connection with them. The players carried the uniforms of the two Hall of Famers. The ceremony began with All-Stars lining on the baselines.

Yasuchika Negoro, Chairman of Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, presented the two Hall of Famers with the replaica of the relief to be displayed at the Hall of Fame. Then the two presenters gave a bouquet to them, Nishimoto to Ohgi, and Sekine to Akiyama. In a speech of thanks on behalf of the two Inductees, Ohgi said, gWe are very grateful for sharing the joy of our induction with all the people and fans who are interested in baseball. We are determined to do all the effort to develop baseball and baseball-loving young people.h

  Mrs. Keiko Akiyama and Mr. Akira Ohgi on deck.

Tani and Nakamura congratulate Ohgi, their former mentor who managed the Orix BlueWave and the Kintetsu Buffaloes. Akiya and Ohgi look tense, while Nishimoto and Sekine are relaxed.

Ohgi's uniform is carried by his descioples, Tani and Nakamura, while Akiyama's uniform by Sasak and Taneda, younger players of the Yokohama Baysters, formerly the Taiyo Whales for which Akiyama pitched for 12 years. Greeted by active managers and players.

  Negoro presents a replica to Ohgi.

Negora presents a replica to Akiyama. Bouquet presentation. Nishimoto to Ohgi, and Sekine to Akiyama.

Mr. Ohgi and Mrs. Akiyama. Ohgi in a speech of thanks on behalf of the two Hall of Famers.



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