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Induction Ceremony for Masayuki Furuta
Induction Ceremony for the late Masayuki Furuta, 2010@Hall of Famer

The late Masayuki Furuta, one of the three Hall of Famers for 2010, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Friday, August 27 at the ceremony held immediately after the opening ceremony of the 81st Intercity Baseball
Tournament at Tokyo Dome.

The ten-minute-long ceremony started at 18:25 being watched by a pack of spectators in the stands and players of the both teams standing in front of the
dugouts which were to compete in the first game. After Furuta's@brilliant career was shown on the center screen, a replica of his plaque was presented to Mrs. Furuta by Ryozo Kato, chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It was followed by a bouquet presentation by Keiji Osawa, teammate of Furuta at Rikkyo University.

(Left to right) Tetsuya Furuta (2nd son), Mrs. Toshiko Furuta, Junya Furuta (3rd son)

Kato presents the replica to Mrs. Furuta

Osawa presents a bouquet to Mrs. Furuta

Taking of a commemorative photo with the plaque in the center

Acceptance speech by Mrs. Furuta

Mrs. Furuta and her family


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