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Induction Ceremony for Ichiro Kimijima
-One of the four Hall of Famers for 2009-

The Induction ceremony for the late Ichiro Kimijima was held at Gakushi-Kaikan in Tokyo on Friday, September 18, 2009. It was attendded by some 50 persons consisting of his family, living members of Ichiko Nine, and graduates of his alma mater (former Utsunomiya Middle School).

At the ceremony Shozo Kato, Chairman of BHFM, presented a replica of Kimijima's plaque to Nobuyuki Takeuchi (photo above), his grandson, and also a bouquet to Kazuko Kohzuki (photo middle), his second daughter.

The ceremony ended with a receptance speech by Nobuyuki Takeuchi (photo below).

For Kimijima's biography, please refer to the top page of our website. Gakushi-Kaikan is admittedly the birth-place of baseball in Japan.


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