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(A): Selected by Special Committee appointed by the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
(B): Selected by sportswriters appointed by the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
(C): Selected by Special Committee in the interim New Century category

No Inducted Category Name Profile
130 1999 A YOSHIKUNI, Ichiro The 9th Commissioner produces many institutional innovations
060 1978 A YOSHIHARA, Masaki Strong-armed catcher of the Giants in their 1st dynasty
107 1992 B YOSHIDA, Yoshio Shortstop of the Hanshin Tigers; noted for his agile performance
108 1992 A YOSHIDA, Masao Pitches for Chukyo Shogyo to win three successive victories at Koshien
132 2000 B YONEDA, Tetsuya Most games pitched (949) and second in wins (350)
112 1994 B YONAMINE, Kaname Nisei from Hawaii; noted for hitting to all fields and aggressive running
090 1988 A YOKOZAWA, Saburo Manager turned umpire (1938-59) for the Pacific League
137 2002 B YAMAUCHI, Kazuhiro Cleanup hitter of the Daimai Orions' "Missile" lineup
085 1987 A YAMASHITA, Minoru Slugger during pre-war Keio U. dynasty
081 1985 A YAMANOUCHI, IkuJi Statistician of the Pacific League; credited with many improvements in stats
192 2016 A YAMANAKA, Masatake Set the Tokyo Big6 League record of 48 wins. Managed Japan to the 1992 Olympic Bronze.
162 2008 B YAMAMOTO, Koji Heroic cleanup hitter for the Carp nicknamed "Mr. Red Helmet"
123 1997 A YAMAMOTO, Eiichiro Helps promote baseball around the world
157 2006 B YAMADA, Hisashi Formidable submarine pitcher notches 284 wins
148 2003 C WILSON, Horace Introduces baseball to Japan in 1872
204 2019 A WAKIMURA, Haruo President of the Japan High School Baseball Federation who laid the foundation for exchanges between pro and amateur players.
165 2009 B WAKAMATSU, Tsutomu "Little Great Hitter" boasts .319 lifetime batting average
017 1964 B WAKABAYASHI, Tadashi Pitches for Tigers with "seven kinds of pitches"
045 1973 A UTSUMI, Kohzo President of Meiji U. Baseball Club
145 2003 B UEDA, Toshiharu Manages the Hankyu Braves to three Japan Series championships
075 1983 A UCHIMURA, Yushi Famous Ichiko pitcher; later becomes third Commissioner
102 1991 B TSUTSUI,Osamu First to appear in 3,000 or more games as umpire
020 1965 B TSURUOKA, Kazuto Manager of the ever-victorious Nankai Hawks
175 2012 B TSUDA, Tsunemi "The flaming stopper" with good command of his overpowering fast ball
106 1992 B TSUBOUCHI,Michinori Outfielder; first to achieve 1,000 game appearances and 1,000 hits
159 2006 A TOYODA, Yasumitsu Spearhead of the Nishitetsu Lions in their heyday
073 1982 A TONOOKA, Mojuro Drafter of Student Baseball Charter
011 1960 A TOBITA, Chujun Manager of Waseda U.; noted for his "bushido" baseball criticism
202 2019 B TATSUNAMI, Kazuyoshi A star infielder who spent his entire career with the Chunichi Dragons and accumulated 2,480 career hits.
064 1979 A TANIGUCHI, Goro Pitches for Waseda U. in 1920s
080 1985 A TANAKA, Katsuo Three-time batting champion in the TBBL; nicknamed "Japanese Babe"
027 1968 A TANABE, Munehide Fourth President of Korakuen Stadium
037 1970 A TAMURA, Komajiro Owner of the Shochiku Robins, first pennant winners in the Central League
140 2002 B TAMIYA, Kenjiro .300 hitter 7 times in 15 years
201 2018 A TAKI, Masao Won both the Spring and Summer High School tournaments with Chukyo Commercial School both as a player and a manager
135 2001 A TAKEDA, Tsutomu Founder of Japan-U.S. Collegiate Competition
156 2006 B TAKAGI, Morimichi Triple-threat player noted for his backhand toss
205 2020 B TABUCHI, Koichi
031 1969 A TABE, Takeo Versatile baseball genius; shortstop
026 1968 A SUZUKI, Sotaro Go-between for U.S.-Japan baseball; author of books on American baseball
072 1982 A SUZUKI, Ryuji President of the Central League for 33 years
197 2017 A SUZUKI, Mirei Played a prominent role in the Official Baseball Playing Rules Committee in Japan
138 2002 B SUZUKI, Keishi Winner of 317 games with the Kintetsu Buffaloes
149 2003 A SUZUKA, Sakae His invention of rubber baseballs helps popularize baseball
114 1995 B SUGIURA,Tadashi Pitches for the Nankai Hawks in a 4-0 victory in the Japan Series
077 1985 B SUGISHITA, Shigeru Wins the Japan Series against the Nishitetsu Lions with his fork ball
010 1960 B STARFFIN, Victor Russian-born pitcher is the first to win 300 or more games
179 2013 B SOTOKOBA, Yoshiro Achieves three no-hit, no-run games including a perfect game
001 1959 A SHORIKI, Matsutaro Founder of the Tokyo Giants; father of pro baseball
078 1985 B SHIRAISHI, Katsumi Shortstop of the Tokyo Giants noted for his backhanded fielding
154 2005 A SHIMURA, Masayori His articulate live broadcasts popularize baseball
103 1991 B SHIMAOKA,Kichiro Manager of Meiji U. for 37 years; an institution of the TBBL
033 1969 A SHIMADA, Zensuke Catcher at Keio U. and Mita Club
164 2008 A SHIMA, Seiichi Yields no-hits, no-runs in semis and finals in Summer Koshien Tournament
093 1989 B SHIMA, Hidenosuke First umpire-in-chief of the Central League
146 2003 B SEKINE, Junzo Named as an All-Star as both pitcher and fielder
008 1959 A SAWAMURA, Eiji Immortal pitcher in the early stage of pro baseball (Tokyo Giants)
183 2014 B SASAKI, Kazuhiro The closer nicknamed "Daimajin" was overpowering in Japan and U.S.
098 1990 B SANADA,Juzo Pitches two no-hitters with his curve ball
013 1960 A SAKURAI, Yaichiro Pitches Keio U. to victory in the first Waseda-Keio rivalry
188 2016 B SAITOH, Masaki The Giants ace pitched 11 straight complete games
070 1981 A SAEKI, Tatsuo Third President of High School Baseball Federation
100 1990 A SAEKI, Isamu Owner of the Kintetsu Buffaloes for 36 years
122 1997 B OSUGI,Katsuo Achieves 1,000 hits and 1,000 games in each league
065 1980 B OSHITA, Hiroshi Distinguished home run hitter after the war; noted for his blue bat
006 1959 A OSHIKAWA, Kiyoshi Founder of "Nihon Undo Kyokai", first pro baseball club
176 2012 A OSAFUNE, Kiro Takes the initiative in organizing the Baseball Federation of Japan
009 1959 A ONO, Michimaro First pitcher to win a game against an American Major League team
061 1978 A OKADA. Genzaburo Versatile player for Meiji U.; played at all positions
044 1972 A OHTA, Shigeru Pioneer sportswriter and commentator
178 2013 B OHNO, Yutaka A mainstay of the heyday of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in the 1980s
177 2012 A OHMOTO, Osamu Founder of the Society for Nurturing Aodamo Resources
167 2009 A OHKOSO, Yoshinori Baseball-loving first owner of Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters
150 2004 B OHGI, Akira Excels in bringing up potential stars, most notably Ichiro Suzuki
111 1994 B OH, Sadaharu 868 home runs; noted for his "flamingo" batting style
071 1981 A OGAWA, Shotaro Pitches for Waseda U.; makes major contribution to non-pro baseball
172 2011 B OCHIAI,Hiromitsu The only player to win the triple crown three times
143 2002 C O'DOUL, Frank Helps improve Japanese baseball from pre-war days
094 1989 B NOMURA, Katsuya Catcher of the Nankai Hawks wins the first post-war triple crown
181 2014 B NOMO, Hideo His unique "tornado" pitching style dominated in Japan and U.S.
095 1989 B NOGUCHI, Jiro Pitches for 28 innings in a game in 1942, a year when he won 40 games
050 1974 A NODA, Seizo Builds Koshien Stadium; owner of Hanshin Tigers
054 1977 B NISHIZAWA, Michio Pitcher turned slugger joins the Chunichi Dragaons at age 14
056 1977 A NISHIMURA, Yukio Mainstay pitcher of the pre-war Tigers
088 1988 B NISHIMOTO, Yukio Manager for 20 years; wins pennant 8 times in the Pacific League
036 1970 B NIDEGAWA, Nobuaki First umpire-in-chief of the Pacific League
133 2001 B NEMOTO,Rikuo Architect of the golden years of the Seibu Lions
038 1970 A NAOKI, Matsutaro First compiler of a baseball rulebook in Japan
104 1991 A NAKAZAWA, Yoshio Fosters the foundation of the High School Baseball Federation
141 2002 A NAKAZAWA, Fujio First full-time President of the Pacific League
124 1998 A NAKAO, Hiroshi Southpaw; pitches for the Giants before and after the war; 209 wins
043 1972 A NAKANO, Takeji Establishes authority of and trust in umpires
126 1999 B NAKANISHI, Futoshi "Baby-Phenom" long-ball hitter; home run king five times
016 1963 B NAKAJIMA, Haruyasu Winner of the first triple crown in the pre-war period
082 1986 A NAKAGAWA, Miyoshi First baseman of the pre-war Giants: noted for his smooth fielding
051 1976 B NAKAGAMI, Hideo Pitches the first perfect game
092 1988 A NAGATA, Masaichi President of the Pacific League; builds Tokyo Stadium
086 1988 B NAGASHIMA, Shigeo From TBBL star to Mr.Pro Baseball
110 1993 B MURAYAMA,Minoru Known as the second "Mr.Tiger"; noted for his aggressive and dynamic pitching
187 2015 A MURAYAMA, Ryohei Inaugurated National Middle School Baseball Championship
152 2005 B MURATA, Choji Famous for his "tomahawk motion" pitching
117 1995 A MURAKAMI, Minoru First general manager of the Hankyu Braves
024 1966 A MORIYAMA, Tsunetaro Legendary southpaw of the triumphant Ichiko team
032 1969 A MORIOKA, Jiro First President of the Japan Pro Baseball League
055 1977 A MORI, Shigeo Manages the Waseda Nine to 9 championships in the TBBL
153 2005 B MORI, Masaaki Twice manages the Seibu Lions to three consecutive Japan Series wins
041 1971 A MIZUNO, Rihachi President of sporting goods company
053 1977 B MIZUHARA, Shigeru Manager of the Yomiuri Giants in their 2nd dynasty
022 1965 A MIYATAKE, Saburo Keio slugger is a hero of the TBBL
030 1969 A MIYAKE, Daisuke First manager of the Tokyo Giants and Hankyu Braves
018 1964 A MIYAHARA, Kiyoshi First President of the Japan Amateur Baseball Association
173 2011 B MINAGAWA,Mutsuo Sidearm pitcher;a mainprop of the heyday of the Nankai Hawks
074 1983 B MIHARA, Osamu Magician manager leads two emerging teams to victory
161 2007 A MATSUNAGA, Reiichi Skippered the Japan team to a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in L.A.
191 2016 A MATSUMOTO, Takizo Contributed to the recovery of baseball during post-war period
057 1978 B MATSUKI, Kenjiro Captain of the pre-war Tigers: rival of Sawamura
083 1986 A MATSUKATA, Masao First President of the Hanshin Tigers
198 2018 B MATSUI, Hideki The slugger known as "Godzilla"
147 2003 C MATSUDA, Kohei Owner of the Hiroshima Carp; builds team in the MLB style
144 2002 A MASAOKA, Shiki Meiji Era poet with a love for the game helps promote baseball
101 1991 B MAKINO,Shigeru Coaches using team-oriented strategy; mainstay of the Giants' dominance
120 1996 A MAKINO, Naotaka Fourth President of High School Baseball Federation
206 2020 A MAEDA, Yukichi
007 1959 A KUJI, Jiro Catcher at Waseda U. and Hakodate Ocean
189 2016 B KUDO, Kimiyasu Known as the "championship contractor"; won 11 Japan Series title
066 1980 B KOZURU, Makoto First to hit 50 or more home runs in a season
134 2001 B KOYAMA, Masaaki Winner of 320 games with splendid control
025 1967 A KOSHIMOTO, Hisashi Manager of the successful Keio U. team
012 1960 A KONO, Atsushi Pitcher at Waseda U.; introduces windup after their first American tour
040 1971 A KONISHI, Tokuro Manager of the Shochiku Robins; radio commentator with unique elocution
129 1999 B KONDO, Sadao First to divide pitchers into starters and relievers
052 1976 A KOIZUMI, Shinzo President of Keio U.; risks holding the Waseda-Keio duel in wartime
028 1968 A KOBAYASHI. Ichizo Founder of Takarazuka Undo Kyokai and Hankyu Braves
128 1999 B KOBA, Takeshi Manages the Hiroshima Carp to win the Japan Series three times
174 2012 B KITABEPPU, Manabu Plays a big part in 3 Hiroshima Carp Japan Series championships
076 1984 A KIRIHARA, Shinji Captain of Keio U.; does much to resume Waseda-Keio rivalry
119 1996 B KINUGASA, Sachio Appears in 2,215 successive games for the Hiroshima Carp
168 2009 A KIMIJIMA, Ichiro Author of pioneering book "The Genesis of Baseball in Japan"
158 2006 A KAWASHIMA, Hiromori The 10th Commissioner restores peace between amateur and pro baseball
019 1965 B KAWAKAMI, Tetsuharu Distinguished batter; manages the Giants to V-9 in the Japan Series
029 1969 B KARITA, Hisanori Second baseman noted for his agile play
199 2018 B KANEMOTO, Tomoaki The "Iron Man" who played in 1,492 consecutive games without missing an inning
089 1988 B KANEDA, Masaichi Southpaw; most wins (400) and strikeouts (4,490)
160 2007 B KAJIMOTO, Takao Struck out nine batters in a row in 1957, a still unbroken Japanese record
023 1965 A KAGEURA, Masaru Distinguished batter of the pre-war Tigers; a good rival of Sawamura
155 2006 B KADOTA, Hiromitsu The powerful hitter makes a comeback as the oldest MVP
069 1981 B IWAMOTO, Yoshiyuki First to hit 4 homers in a game; holds his bat upright like a Japanese priest
193 2017 B ITOH, Tsutomu Mainstay of the golden age of the Seibu Lions
059 1978 A ITAMI, Yasuhiro Catcher at Waseda U. noted for outsmarting batters
042 1972 B ISHIMOTO, Shuichi Manager of the pre-war Tigers and the early Hiroshima Carp
115 1995 B ISHII,Tokichiro Non-pro slugger manages All-Japan team in Japan-U.S. collegiate competition
207 2020 A ISHII, Renzo
021 1965 A INOUE, Nobori Second Commissioner; known for many innovations
109 1993 B INAO, Kazuhisa 42-game winner of the Nishitetsu Lions dominates the Japan Series
142 2002 C IKUHARA,Akihiro Longtime mainstay of Japan-U.S. baseball interchange
014 1962 B IKEDA, Yutaka Distinguished umpire in university and pro baseball
096 1989 A IKEDA, Tsuneo Promotes baseball in Japan and abroad through his publications
068 1981 B IIDA, Tokuji First baseman appears in 1,246 consecutive games
125 1998 A IGUCHI, Shinjiro Slugger at Wakayama High School and Waseda U.
015 1962 A ICHIOKA, Tadao First Director General of the Japan Pro Baseball League
194 2017 B HOSHINO, Senichi Strong, decisive manager. Led the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles to its first Japan series title
121 1997 A HOSAKA, Makoto President of Tokyo Dome, first of its kind in Japan
163 2008 B HORIUCHI, Tsuneo 16-game winner as a Rookie is the mainstay of the Giants' V-9
127 1999 B HIROSE, Yoshinori Strong-armed outfielder; five-time stolen base leader
047 1973 A HIROSE, Kenzo Scorer and sports statistician; walking dictionary of baseball
113 1994 A HIROOKA, Tomoo Contributes to the entry of baseball in the Olympics
105 1992 B HIROOKA, Tatsuro Shortstop turned manager wins the Japan Series with teams from each league
002 1959 A HIRAOKA, HiroshiI Founder of the first baseball club
063 1979 A HIRANUMA, Ryozo Second President of the TBBL
195 2017 B HIRAMATSU,Masaji Earned 201 wins with the Taiyo Whales with his famous "Kamisori Shuuto"
169 2010 B HIGASHIO, Osamu Ace of the Nishitetsu (later Seibu) Lions; 251 wins
186 2015 A HAYASHI, Kazuo Played a great part in inaugurating Japan Little League
005 1959 A HASHIDO, Shin Founder of the Inter-City Baseball Tournament
136 2001 A HASEGAWA, Ryohei Small in stature, but big in pitching for the Hiroshima Carp
099 1990 B HARIMOTO, Isao Spray hitter is the only member of the exclusive 3,000 club
200 2018 B HARA, Tatsunori Led the Giants to 3 Japan Series titles and Team Japan to the 2009 WBC title
058 1978 B HAMAZAKI, Shinji Hankyu Braves manager; though short in stature he pitches into his late forties
196 2017 A GOSHI, Hiroshi Notable amateur baseball umpire and contributor to the development of umpires
203 2019 B GONDO, Hiroshi Led the Yokohama BayStars to a Japan Series title as the manager in 1998.
116 1995 A GO, Shosei Nicknamed the "Human locomotive"; outfielder from Taiwan in the 1940s.
171 2010 A FURUTA, Masayuki Appears 16 times in the Inter-City Baseball Tournament; Mr. ICBT
185 2015 B FURUTA, Atsuya Leading catcher playing his entire career with the Yakult Swallows
131 2000 A FUKUSHIMA, Shintaro President of the Pacific League twice
180 2013 A FUKUSHIMA, Kazuo The ace of Kokura High School clinches two consecutive victories in the Summer HS Tournament at Koshien
139 2002 B FUKUMOTO, Yutaka Triple-threat outfielder is a perennial leader in stolen bases
084 1987 A FUJITA, Nobuo Manages Hosei U. to its first victory in the TBBL
118 1996 B FUJITA, Motoshi Ace pitcher and later manager of the Yomiuri Giants
049 1974 B FUJIMURA, Fumio The first "Mr. Tiger"; famous for his aggressiveness
048 1974 B FUJIMOTO, Sadayoshi Second manager of the Tokyo Giants leads 5 teams in 29 years
170 2010 B ETOH, Shin-ichi First batting champion in both the Central and Pacific Leagues
190 2016 B ENOMOTO, Kihachi Leading hitter in the 1950/60s nicknamed as "hit-making machine"
097 1989 A DATE, Masao Waseda U. pitcher competes well against the U.S. All-Stars
039 1970 A CHUMA, Kanoe Plays for Ichiko; translates "baseball" to its popular name "yakyu"
067 1980 A CHIBA, Shigeru Second baseman of the Yomiuri Giants; nicknamed "formidable buffalo"
087 1988 B BETTO, Kaoru Slugger for the Hanshin Tigers and Mainichi Orions; manages 4 teams
062 1979 B BESSHO, Takehiko Pitches for the Nankai Hawks and the Yomiuri Giants; 310 wins
034 1969 A ARIMA, Yoriyasu Owner of the Tokyo Senators
079 1985 B ARAMAKI, Atsushi "The fireballer" is the first Rookie of the Year in the Pacific League
166 2009 B AOTA, Noboru Leading home-run hitter nicknamed "Wild Bronco"
003 1959 A AOI, Yokio Pitches for Ichiko in epoch-making victory over a U.S. team in Yokohama
046 1973 A AMANO, Teiyu Second President of the Student Baseball Association
035 1970 B AMACHI, Shunichi Leads the Chunichi Dragons to their first victory in the Japan Series
091 1988 A AKUTA, Takeo Outfielder at Waseda U.; first batting champion in the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League
151 2004 A AKIYAMA, Noboru Submarine pitcher leads the Taiyo Whales to first Japan Series win
182 2014 B AKIYAMA, Koji Outstanding five-skill outfielder in the 1980s and 1990s
184 2014 A AIDA, Choichi Staged "the last Waseda-Keio" game & promoted post-war student baseball
004 1959 A ABE, Isoo Father of university baseball (Waseda U.)


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