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AIDA, Choichi 

Staged "the last Waseda-Keio" game & promoted post-war student baseball

Inducted 2014
Category Elected by the Special Committee
From Hokkaido
Born May 18,1921
Died April 17,2012
Alma Mater Waseda University

He joined Waseda University baseball club intending to be a pitcher but turned manager's assistant instead. In 1943, he took a major role in holding the Waseda-Keio game which was intended to be a send-off for students going to the front. The baseball implements which he managed to keep in custody during the war proved incentive for early revival of student baseball after the war. For many years, he umped for student and amateur baseball. He contributed greatly to the development of amateur baseball by successively holding various important posts for Japan Student Baseball Association, Japan High School Baseball Federation and Japan Amateur Baseball Association.


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