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SASAKI, Kazuhiro 

The closer nicknamed "Daimajin" was overpowering in Japan and U.S.

Inducted 2014
Category Elected by the Selection Committee for Players
From Miyagi
Born February 22,1968
Alma Mater Tohoku Fukushi University

In 1990, he joined the Yokohama Taiyo Whales as its first draft choice. He turned a reliever in 1991 and was the best relief pitcher for four successive years (1995-98). In 1998 he notched 45 saves and led the team to its first victory in 38 years in the Japan Series. In 2000, he pitched for the Seattle Mariners. He notched 37 saves and won the Rookie of the year. The forkballer was nicknamed "DAIMAJIN" and compiled a combined 381 saves in Japan and U.S.


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