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The ace of Kokura High School clinches two consecutive victories in the Summer HS Tournament at Koshien

Inducted 2013
Category Elected by the Special Committee
From Fukuoka
Born January 6,1931
Alma Mater Waseda University

In the 1947 and 1948 Summer National High School Baseball Championships, he went the distance in five games each time (with all shutouts in 1948) and led his team to consecutive victories, an unprecedented feat by a school from Kyushu. In 1954 he graduated from Waseda University, joined the Yawata iron-manufacturing company and led his team to its second victory in 17 years in the Intercity Baseball Tournament, pitching in all five games. Later he held important posts as director of the Japan Baseball Federation and as chief director of JBF Kyushu Branch.


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